Nach Westen – going west


Wait, what? It’s not all in the west around her?!

I started this blog in 2015 when I took a 4-months break and embarked on a journey that took me once around the globe – while always going westwards.

Since exploring of our wonderful globe did not stop after that, quite the contrary, I decided to continue this blog with stories from other travels as well. No matter if they take me west or east or to the moon 🙂

Say, how did you get west back then?

Not too far westwards but quite up north, I started in Iceland. From there on it gets more serious and in western Canada the Rockies were be a first big – and beautiful – border to cross before reaching the west coast down to Portland. When the summer started to settle in Europe, I was heading over to Hawaii. Still going westwards – but even more to the south – I explored the South Seas around Fiji. After that it was only a short trip to my longest stop in New Zealand. After spending some time on the Australian east coast, I headed back north to Singapore.

Well, after that it was only one quick jump from the east back home in the west…

And why all the hassle?

First of all, because I think the world is far too big and there are so many places to explore that a few weeks of vacation every year are just not going to cut it. Apart from that, it has been a dream for a while now to circumnavigate the world in one big leap. Since doing that by going either north or south is a bit unpractical and heading east would interfere with the local seasons, westwards it is 🙂

And last but not least: Because it’s possible! You know, work-life balance and so on…