Nach Westen – going west


After another two exiting days in Seattle – including a visit at the Boeing aircraft factory, in which we unfortunately were not allowed to take any pictures – I headed further down south yesterday to Portland, Oregon. Since I kinda had my fair share of big cities in the last couple of days, my amazing couchsurfing host took me to the Oregon Coast 🙂 Only back in Canada I had ever heard of this place for the first time before. Would have never been on my radar to go here – but it really is sooo nice!

Chihuly Museum - etwas Kunst darf ja auch mal sein!

Chihuly Museum – a bit of art every now and then can’t hurt I guess.


Tag und...

At day and…

... Nacht - wenn der Eintritt schon teuer genug war, dann auch gleich die doppelte Ladung.

… night. If the entrace fee is quite expensive, you can at least take all you can get 🙂

Oregon Coast - klingt etwas stürmisch. Und war es auch erstmal.

Oregon Coast – sounds kinda stormy and it was indeed.



Aber dann gab es auch noch richtig Sonne!

But we got sun after all!


Nur zum Baden war mir heute zur Abwechslung doch irgendwie nicht.

Just didn’t feel like swimming today for a change.

But why should I? Just tomorrow I can jump into that very same ocean! Just at about 33 degree 😀 Hawaii, here I come!

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