Nach Westen – going west

Oahu once more

Since I was either busy exploring the islands or just not really in the mood for blogging, the last update was already quite while ago. But now I finally want to give you some fresh pictures!

Let’s start with my third day on Oahu – that’s already nearly a week ago…wow.

Pearl Harbor - das Arizona Memorial gehört sicherlich zum Pflichtprogramm, wenn man auf Hawaii ist

Pearl Harbor – the USS Arizona memorial is probably really on the must-do list if you go to Hawaii.

Ist schon ziemlich bedrückend wenn man weiß, dass da immer noch Hunderte eingeschlossen sein. Und auch nach 70 Jahren strömt ständig noch Öl aus

Really strange feeling to know that still hunderets are down there. And even after over 70 years still oil is dropping out constantly.

Gibt aber auch erfrischendere Ausblicke!

But there have also been some refreshing views!

Und dann schon wieder Abflug!

Well, and then I was already up in the air again and bound for the next island!

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