Nach Westen – going west

Lac la Hache and Vancouver

Since the weather forecast seems to be true for today after all, I finally got some time to sort my latest pictures and especially memories. In only 24 hours I’ll hit the road again to head down to Seattle. But until then I’m still in Canada 🙂

The days up at La la Hache for sure have been one of the absolute highlights of my trip so far! Though thousands of kilometers away from home, it really felt like comming home! 🙂 Chilling and sunsets by the lake, Goldrush town of Barkerville, ski doo rides, tubing, true Canadian dinners, Quad riding – I easily could have spent weeks there!


Lac la Hache – no comment.


First time on one of those and I’m already hooked!


Pan for gold in Barkerville – a bit funny though for us europeans, how everything that is older than 50 years is being hyped as “heritage” 🙂


Well, that is tubing 😀 It is incredibly hard to hang on to the tube. Feels like Rodeo and sooner or later you will fly off! BIG fun! (thanks, Christi for the cool pictures!)


I had nearly forgotton just how much fun it is to go straight through the woods on full speed 🙂


Christi and Darren – thank you soooo much!

After that was all over way too soon, I boarded the Greyhound once more for 7 hours – and yep, I caught one of those Greyhound-colds as I call it…

And then, finally back in Vancouver! My memory did not fail me at all – it still is an absolutley stunning city! If you then also meet soo many cool people (again, for some of them :D), you are in for some really long lasting memories!


Even under clouds it’s still a fairly nice view… 😉


If it comes pouring down anyway, you just go to the Aqaurium!


Those funny Otters have been there already 11 years ago 😀


Well, I guess I could live here if I had to…


Lynn Canyon suspension bridge. If all the tourists run to the fairly pricey Capilano, you just go next door to the free – and much less crowded – park.

Regenwald am Stadtrand - warum nicht

A rain forest just next to the city – why not?


Dutch-Austrian-German Hiking and Swim Team. Thank you guys for all the fun we had!!


Yes, swimming! And yes, it was ice cold once more!


But yes, big fun again! Either very cold or very hot water seem to become a thing on my trip 😀


My second bike trip already! And because I need something new everyday (and it was cheaper…), we circle around Stanley park on a tandem 🙂


Even the parks and beaches are smoking-free. I just have to love this city!


7 thoughts on “Lac la Hache and Vancouver

  1. Sisterly

    Sieht wirklich nett aus in/um Vancouver! Meiner Meinung nach kannst du ruhig alle 11 Jahre (oder öfter;-)) hinfahren, aber nicht immer da bleiben, das ist einfach zu weit weg. 🙂 Oma Meta kriegt sonst Heimweh nach dir…
    Das Bild vom Quad fahren kommt mir bekannt vor – von damals!
    Und das Baden im kalten Wasser haben wir wohl von Mutti geerbt. Hier hat’s übrigens noch immer über 30 Grad *weiterächtz*!

    1. Basti Post author

      Ich hab hinten etwas Rückenschmerzen bekommen, da das irgendwie für Mitfahrer gebaut war, die deutlich kleiner sind als der Fahrer 😀 Aber dafür kann man sich hinten halt in aller Ruhe die Landschaft angucken 🙂

  2. U und U

    Wir können deine Freude fast spüren, ich finde es wunderbar, dass bis jetzt Alles super klappt und du einfach glücklich bist und jeden Tag genießen kannst, weiterhin viele föhliche Tage mit netten Menschen, Uli.
    Ich kann deine Begeisterung für Vancouver verstehen und nachempfinden. Damals vor 38 Jahren ging es mir genauso. Es wird aber das letzte mal sein, dass ich dir aus Erfahrung berichten kann, da ich danach wieder den ganzen Weg zurück nach Halifax getrampt bin. Also geniesse deine Reise und viel Spaß dabei ! Ulrich

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